What type of school is EASE Independent Study?
EASE is a tuition-free, public school program offered through the Etiwanda School District with the same high academic standards as all of the schools within the Etiwanda School District. Curriculum, provided by K12.com, is aligned with the California state academic standards, and our teachers are highly-qualified and credentialed through the state of California.

What are the different instructional methods offered by EASE Independent Study?
For our students, EASE Independent Study offers two educational pathways: traditional and enhanced independent study. Click here to discover more about the different pathways.

What are some of the benefits of EASE Independent Study?
This model provides flexible at-home study for families not able to send their children to school and allows for flexible assignment completion since virtual class times are not scheduled. Due to the nature of online school, there will be no interruption to learning in Independent Study if schools need to close again.

Do students follow the Etiwanda School District's calendar or do you customize the student's calendar to meet their specific needs?
The EASE school year calendar is the same as the Etiwanda School District.  However, within the school-year calendar, there is flexibility with regard to when and how the work gets completed each week.  EASE Independent Study  provides suggested weekly lesson schedules to support families in monitoring adequate progress. 

What is the parent's role?
In the K12.com program, the parent acts as a Learning Coach who facilitates progress through the online lessons. Suggested weekly lesson plans are provided, which update automatically as the child progresses. The lesson plans can be varied to accommodate the child's pace or abilities. A wide array of practical advice, tips, and substantial support is always available through K12.com . Students and families meet every other week with an Etiwanda EASE teacher to discuss progress and review standards mastery.

How are tests, quizzes and standardized assessments given?
K12.com provides students with regular curriculum assessments that assist families in monitoring their child’s progress.  EASE administers the district i-Ready assessments in Math and Reading three times during the year to EASE Independent Study students to provide additional measures for growth.  SBAC interim benchmark assessments and the end-of-year summative assessment are administered on-site. We encourage all of our students to participate in the state's SBAC assessment so that results may be used to identify areas of need or strength and improve services.

What programs for socialization are available?
As part of our blended learning program, we offer tutoring lab hours Monday - Thursday. In addition to optional lab time, socialization activities are provided each week for grade level groups. Parents may choose to form informal study groups as well.

Are there any additional documents that families interested in the EASE Independent Study need to complete prior to beginning the school year?

Yes, families need to complete the EASE Independent Study Participation Agreement (updated version available soon). To access this electronic form please visit the EASE Independent Study website and select the EASE Enrollment icon at the bottom of the page.

Are there additional considerations for students who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?

Yes, if a student is receiving Special Education services such as Speech, RSP, or SDC an IEP team meeting will need to be held in coordination with the EASE Specialized Academic Instructor prior to enrollment in Independent Study.

Do families interested in EASE Independent Study need to complete an intra-district transfer?

Yes, an intra-district transfer is necessary to request a school transfer from the student’s current school to EASE. Transfers are approved based upon space availability. This form is available on the EASE Independent website.

Will students enrolled in EASE Independent Study remain affiliated with their school of residence? 

No, students will be enrolled in EASE Independent Study; however, families may transition their child(ren) back to their resident school after the completion of any given trimester should they elect to do so.

Are immunizations still required for students enrolled in Independent Study?
Yes, immunization requirements are for school entry, and students enrolled in EASE Independent Study must have all required immunizations.

What grading scale is used in EASE Independent Study?

Students in transitional kindergarten through 5th grade will earn Pass/Fail grades.  Students in 6th-8th grade will earn letter grades (A,B,C,D,F) in the core subject areas of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.


Can students participating in the EASE program return to their resident school for in-person instruction? 

Yes, students may return to their resident school at anytime. Families who notify the EASE office of their desire to enroll in their resident school will be able to retun within 5 days.

If my student returns to their home school after participating in EASE, will grades earned in EASE by considered for the school’s award program?
No, grades earned in EASE are not considered for awards at other schools.

How long will EASE Independent Study be offered?

EASE Independent Study has been an option for families who reside within Etiwanda School District boundaries and desire an at-home, flexible learning model since 2005 and will continue to be offered indefinitely.

Are there any additional supports provided for students in Independent Study?

Optional  tutoring lab sessions are available for students.