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Welcome to Etiwanda's Alternative Studies Education or EASE

EASE Independent Study
 is a blended program that includes online lessons which can be completed at anytime throughout the day and daily live interaction components with an Etiwanda teacher. The EASE program is considered a long-term independent study program and is an option for families seeking an alternative education program. You can discover more about EASE's two different instruction pathways, traditional and enhanced independent study, by clicking here.
Program features include:

  • Tuition-free public at-home school program offered by the Etiwanda School District.
  • Students complete assignments at-home anytime throughout the day.
  • Online state-approved curriculum provided by K12.com
  • Weekly assignments due each Friday.
  • Credentialed Etiwanda teachers oversee student progress.
  • Scheduled live daily virtual components with an Etiwanda teacher.
  • Optional virtual learning labs for students provided throughout the week.
  • Progress monitored through district i-Ready assessments and state SBAC summative assessments.
  • Individualized support for students in need of additional assistance.

The EASE program is a partnership between the family, Etiwanda teacher, and the K12.com learning program.

Parent/Guardian is the at home learning coach who supports his/her child by:

  • Creating a workspace that is free of distraction. 
  • Establishing daily routines for online course work access. 
  • Monitoring attendance and course work completion.

An Etiwanda teacher provides education support through:

  • Daily live virtual components such as lessons and/or class interaction.
  • Weekly check-in meetings for progress monitoring.
  • Assessment analysis to determine student needs.
  • Support plan development for students in need of additional assistance. 

K12.com provides:

  • Learning management system.
  • Daily online lessons.
  • Interactive activities.
  • Textbooks and workbooks.

Families interested in learning more about the EASE program are encouraged to click on the EASE FAQ icon below.

Those interested in registering for the program should click on the Enrollment icon below.

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